TripleSeat Propsal


Our manual systems and processes are inefficient and we do not have a smooth guest-facing experience. 

  • Contract Format – is not a smart form so formatting lacks professionalism we want to put foward
  • Payment Platform – through QuickBooks. Guests are bombarded with emails for all invoices, starting with about 6 emails per event. 
  • Lack of guest home base-  using Docusign, Quickbooks, and event website. This does not include all the other vendors that they are working with. 
  • Proposals – have to be custom made each time and in in a PDF format. Very time consuming and inefficient. 


  • TripleSeat offers a hub that can host payments, contracts, proposals, and client communication. Payment plans and payment reminders.
  • Vendors can be added to projects
    • Similar to HoneyBook but with more efficient systems and process, especially in relation to the F & B side

Current Booking Process

  • Guest reaches out 
  • Lianne has to send an initial email (for which she has no saved template due to Outlooks)
  •  Personalized proposal PDF sent out
  • Copy of contract created and sent
  • Signed version of contract sent through Docusign when booking is confirmed 
  • Quickbook invoices are sent out (6+)



  • Positive Guest experience 
  •  Can integrate coordination & planning on to this software 
  • Full CRM offers better tracking of events and event status’ with enhanced communication tools (Lianne & Morgan can see ALL prior communication) 
  • Payment goes “on-file” rather than credit card information being stored in contracts. There is additional security for clients. 
  • Lianne spoke with Sarah – Sarah has a positive working experience with TripleSeat and was comfortable with the idea of working this program for the future of the F & B program 
  • Free Listing on EventUp – another lead source 
  • Introducing an event management software now would make better use of Lianne’s time in creating leads and generating sales. Time spent on booking process would be halved. 
  • Everything that currently goes onto a client website, can go into TripleSeat 
  • Update our damage clause, keep payment on file and only charge as needed
  • Data tracking for our sales funnel : Their tracking is much more developed. 
  • There is still the issue of having to do things twice – AirTable is a great internal tool, but lacks a good guest-facing experience. TripleSeat is a fantastic guest experience, but as of now I have not found a good way to yet bridge the two applications together. 
    • Export CSV files into airtable from TripleSeat to continuously track through Airtable as well.
  • $3600/year ($300/month) normally priced at $4500/year


  • Payment processing:
    • Stripe – fees are similar to quickbooks 2.9% + 10¢ CC processing fee, 0.8% ACH (cap at $5)
    • Clover 3.5% + 10¢ CC processing fees
    • Square – 2.9% + 10¢ CC processing fee, 1& ACH transfer fee (no cap?)
  • Specialized link to access hub versus having to create an account 
  • -Tripleseat has well over 18,000 venues including Restaurants, Hotels, Breweries, Baseball Stadiums, Ships, Nightclubs, Casinos, Wedding venues
    – 35,000 Event Managers, Chefs, General Managers and Owners using the web application in 17 Countries!
    – 75,000+ Unique Visitors per month to Tripleseat’s Venue Listing Site 
    – 99.3% Renewal rate over the last six years
    – 98.8% of the users polled said they would recommend Tripleseat
    – 2 Million Restaurant bookings have been created
    – 5 Million+ Leads have been captured and delivered
    – $10 BILLION in revenue for Restaurant Events Managed by Tripleseat

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