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Vendor Spotlight: Boulder Blooms

Boulder Blooms is one of our favorite local florists to work with.  We were super excited to chat with Laura Burton to find out more about their business!

Tell us a little bit about Boulder Blooms.

We are a locally owned florist that strives to bring unique and original flower arrangements to their daily, corporate, and wedding customers.

How did you get started?

Boulder Blooms was founded as a wedding and event boutique on the hill in Boulder in 2002.  We moved to our current location on Baseline & 30th in 2006.  Our business was founded to create Boulder styled décor to weddings and our favorite events in the area.

What would you say makes you stand out from other florists in the area?

We strive to include local product and sustainable practices in all of our daily designs and wedding décor.  During the spring, summer, and early fall months we purchase more than a third of our floral product from local growers.  We also compost and recycle more than half of our waste each week!

That’s incredible!  What are some of your favorite trends right now for events?

Dynamic and textural tablescapes that allow you to integrate your personal style into your guest tables while also allowing room for a comfortable dining space are our new favorite trends!  Combining flowing florals with candles and other textural elements creates a unique and beautiful scene.

What would be your number one tip for couples planning their wedding?

Trust your vendors!  Oftentimes vendors are excited and eager to push the envelope of style, as long as you will let them!

What are other types of events you like to provide floral arrangements for besides weddings?

We love working corporate holiday parties where we get to create festive arrangements that get us in the mood for the holidays!

What inspires you in the work you do?

The natural beauty of the product we see everyday inspires us to create beauty.  This, and our dedicated and talented staff that work hard to create floral arrangements.

What is an interesting fact about Boulder Blooms?

We compost all our organic waste that we produce!  Last year alone we composted over 7,000 pounds of organic matter through Eco-Cycle!

What’s your favorite Boulder hangout spot?

We love to hang out and relax with a beer at the Rayback Collective on 28th & Valmont!

What is your favorite outdoor activity in Colorado?

Anything in the mountains!  From skiing to hiking, we love it all.

What’s next for Boulder Blooms?

There are a lot of exciting opportunities on the horizon!  We hope to participate in more styled shoots with local vendors, host a few fun workshops, and collaborate with new venues and vendors this wedding season.  We are so excited for a new year of beautiful arrangements and exciting weddings!

Thank you Boulder Blooms, we are so happy you are one of our trusted vendor friends, and loved catching up with you!

To find out more and keep up with what the team is working on, check them out on their:





You can also call them at 303-494-5678 or email them at