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Flowers are an essential element at any wedding celebration. The Painted Primrose Co. is one of those businesses that bring magic and life to any event through flowers. Of course, we want to know more about them.

Could you describe what your business does?

The Painted Primrose Co. specializes in wedding flowers and provides custom bouquets,  boutonnieres, centerpieces, arches, and any other sort of floral decor our clients can dream up!

How and when did your business get started?

The Painted Primrose Co. was started in 2001 by Sarah Cioni, and I purchased the business in December of 2016. Sarah originally started a beautiful boutique that carried soaps, candles, and decor. She started doing wedding flowers on the side and they quickly became the bread and butter of the business. I realized very quickly that I was HORRIBLE at retail, but I excelled at connecting with brides and designing with flowers. I turned the Painted Primrose into a floral studio and haven’t looked back since!

What would you say makes you stand out from other similar vendors?

The biggest difference in how I approach wedding flowers is that I care not only about creating stunning floral arrangements, but I also care deeply about the client experience. It is of upmost importance to me that my clients are excited and joyous about their flowers, enjoy the design process, and trust that the Painted Primrose will ensure every floral detail is perfect!

Describe some of your favorite current wedding/event trends?

I’m loving the taupe and brown color schemes I’m seeing right now! The color palette is introducing new product into the market, like dried bunny tail grass, dried flowers, bleached foliages, and more!

What has been your most memorable event?

One of my most memorable events was doing the flowers for a bride named Sarah, because a year later I was chosen to also do the wedding flowers for her sister, Becky. Having a family that loved my business and designs so much that I was the first vendor they booked for the second sister’s wedding was the kindest complement I’ve ever received. I’ve been lucky enough to do flowers for two different sets of sisters. It is so amazing to really connect and get to know the whole family – moms, dads, siblings, and grandparents.. I just cry many more happy tears on the big day!

What inspires you?

I love keeping up to date with current art exhibits and following designers I love. Seeing other forms of art inspires my color palettes, the shapes of my designs, and the texture I use. I also appreciate impeccable craftsmanship in other forms of art and it inspires me to keeping growing as a designer and honing my craft.

What is your number-one tip for couples planning their wedding?

My number one tip for couples starting their wedding planning journey is to budget for floral. Most couples either don’t budget at all or aren’t aware of the costs of floral. Most wedding professionals and resources recommend setting aside at least 15% of the total wedding budget for florals. Our website has a handy budget calculator to help with this task!

What are other types of events you like to work on besides weddings?

The Painted Primrose Co. specializes in just weddings! Our inventory and wedding knowledge allows us to excel in the service and designs we provide our clients. But we do believe every special event and every normal day is enhanced with flowers!

Give us some interesting or unknown facts about you or your business?

Prior to purchasing the Painted Primrose, I had never touched a flower! Before I bought the Painted Primrose, I was building and designing websites as a graphic designer. I love the problem solving aspect of web design, but sitting all day was starting to physically affect me and I wanted to do something more active. Three years into the business, I’m so grateful my first clients trusted me to be able to effectively design their flowers! Without knowing it, they helped me build the business I have today.

What’s next for your business?

I’m so excited for the next steps the Painted Primrose is taking! We’re adding to our team and building a solid group of talented designers. Our goal is to keep growing and spreading the flower magic throughout Boulder County and beyond.

What do you personally like to do in your free time?

I love spending my time with my husband and our 2 adorable dogs – Loki and Dempsey. Some of my favorite activities are drinking fancy tea, hiking, reading, dining out, and checking out cool art museums!

What are three words that describe you as a person?

Dog loving, dedicated, enthusiastic.

What is your favorite hang out spot in Boulder?

I always love enjoying a delicious breakfast at the Dunshabe Teahouse or grabbing a scrumptious baked good at Lucky’s!

The Painted Primrose cake topper

What is your favorite outdoor activity in Colorado?

I love hiking and exploring the mountains, or taking my spoiled pups to the dog park.

What are you up to on a snowy day in Colorado?

Probably snuggled up on the couch devouring a good book!

What are some of your favorite foods?

In no particular order: burgers, chocolate, and baked goods of all kinds.

Anything else you would like to add?

I’m so excited and proud of how far the Painted Primrose has come, and I can’t wait to see what 2020 and beyond will bring for me and my awesome team!

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