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We are so excited to finally have the opportunity to work with Milk Glass Productions on an upcoming project!  Last week we had a chance to sit down with the owner, Carly Witzburg, and find out how she got started in the industry – and boy she has really done it all!  From New York to antique shops and everything in between Carly really seems to have a great handle on helping individuals “bring their vision to life.”  Read on to see what inspires Carly and why we think she is one of the most well-versed event planners in the Denver area.

Please tell us a little about you first got involved in the event planning industry.

I got started in event planning when I had an internship with Social Life Magazine, a luxury publication in the Hamptons (New York).  I wrote articles, organized everyone’s schedules, PR, coordinated with celebrity publicists, planned events, planned photo shoots, pulled designer clothes, made sure that all editors turned in the work on time to meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment, dealt with advertisers and much more!  Some nights, with pressing deadlines, I would be there until 2 am. I didn’t care – I loved doing a little bit of everything because it led me to my passion.  By the time I left the magazine, I worked my way up the ladder to Art Director and Event Coordinator.

With all of my experience, I then went on to work for Colin Cowie, who is consistently the highest-rated, best-known event planner in the world (his event budgets start at $100,000+). He is definitely my idol, and is the nicest, most talented person I’ve yet to meet! Meeting and working for him was a dream come true. I eventually moved back to Denver and started my own company – Milk Glass Productions. I can’t tell you how amazing it is to be back here, as I attended college here.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I find inspiration in all facets of life – from art to graffiti, architecture, books, fashion, magazines, and television. My friends and family laugh at me, because no matter where we are, I compare something in the room to events I have done or want to do: “this chandelier would be perfect over a bridal party table”. I am also obsessed with antique shopping – hence the “milk glass” in my company name. Milk glass is a translucent glass that can be pressed in all shapes; I love milk glass vases in particular. It is so beautiful. The white contrast against a pink peony is so crisp.

What has been your most memorable event to date?

The largest, most challenging event to-date was an event hosted by the Jonas brothers in the Hamptons for ~3000 people. I planed and coordinated the event single-handedly, though for day-of I had the help of five PR girls to check guests in. It took a year to plan, and there was a great turn out with huge names attending. There was a fashion show and three different live bands, and a (very large) yacht in the middle of the room. There was absolutely no cell service available in this particular part of town, and the port- a-potties showed up an hour late. I remained calm, though it probably took a few years off my life. It was very fun, and, oh, I forgot to mention that I had recently broken my foot and hobbled around the event in a cast!

Who would be your dream client, and why?

This is very cliché but VERY honest – I love each and every client and I’ll tell you why: I absolutely love meeting new people. I love hearing about where they are from and how they fell in love or how they got to be who they are. Presently this year my clients include a doctor, soldier in the military, an ultimate Frisbee player, lawyer, college student, executive producer, CEO, writer, fashion editor etc. How awesome is that to work with such an eclectic group of clients? My job is fun, and rewarding. There’s not much else I could ask for.

We really enjoyed getting to know Carly a little bit better, and cannot wait to share our upcoming collaboration with you all.

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