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Wedding Details Not Worth Worrying About

Planning a wedding is a delicate process, but it can also be stressful. Of course, you want only the best for your big day, so every detail counts. There are essential things to focus on, like defining a budget, picking a date, finding a great photo location, choosing the best wedding venue, and drafting the guest list. However, some other things are not worth stressing over, as they take time and effort away from the more important things and add unnecessary stress to your wedding planning experience.

Wedding favorsWedding Favors

Although wedding favors can be an excellent way to show appreciation for your guests, they are certainly not a requirement. They are pretty much just a thing of the past. Unless you have an exciting idea or a meaningful one, don’t worry about this. No one expects you to give them a gift for attending your wedding.


Have you ever been to a wedding, not knowing where you are? Having a beautiful sign made of calligraphy welcoming your guests is a nice touch, but it isn’t necessary. Everyone knows where they are and that you’re happy they came.

Signature Cocktails

They’re a cute touch, but people are going to drink what they want to drink whether the couple likes it or not. This is, however, a great touch when a full bar isn’t offered and can help those on a tighter budget.

Lack of Food

You’ve already gone through the process of selecting the best caterer for your needs. Now sit back and relax. Have trust in your caterer that they will order enough food for your guests. If you think it might be necessary, order a little extra, but it rarely happens that guests are not fed.

Eat, drink and be married


Weather forecasts are helpful, but they can’t be trusted 100%. Ideally, choose a venue that shelters you and your guests from weather changes is a great idea. Otherwise, make sure you have a backup plan and MOVE ON. You have absolutely no control over this, so don’t even start stressing about it. If you have components of your wedding that rely on “good weather” that’s fine but prepare yourself for the possibility of a quick change of plans.

Guests Attire

It’s helpful to steer your guests in the right direction and to tell them what is expected of their attire. However, if great uncle Bob has been wearing the same jean shorts for 25 years, something tells us he isn’t going to make an exception for your big day. Don’t lose sleep over that. Just be happy he’s there, and it will be a memory you won’t forget!


Take your time to plan the wedding of your dreams but forget about the little things that don’t provide any value to your big day. Enjoy the process leading up to the most special day in your life. In the end, it will all come together.