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(Featured Image Photo Credit: Rogue Film Co.)

No wedding is complete without exceptional wedding photos. One of the biggest draws of Rembrandt Yard is the multiple exceptional photo opportunities. Our photogenic wedding venue will have you and your photographer overwhelmed by an abundance of indoor and outdoor picture-perfect settings. This is a day to remember, and our venue lends itself perfectly to romance and celebration, with unique attributes that make for brilliant photographs.

Traits of a Photogenic Wedding Venue

Rembrandt Yard is the quintessential photogenic wedding venue with interesting architecture, decorations, and unmatched exterior panoramic views of the Rocky mountains.

Photogenic Wedding Venue

Our iconic LOVE sign.
Photographer: Ashley Tiedgen

Inside is an eclectic arrangement of local and international art and sculptures that guests can incorporate into their wedding décor and adds personality to every photograph. There are floor-to-ceiling windows that invite the nature scene outside to come inside and be a part of the ambiance. We’ve even got a gorgeous sweeping staircase that makes for some memorable and dramatic wedding photos.

The outdoor scenery is everything you would want for outdoor wedding photos. Views of the Colorado Front Range and the twinkling lights of downtown Boulder will make for a spectacular backdrop to any photo, but are especially picturesque for a wedding.

We also have our iconic LOVE sign and a stunning ivy wall which are two of the most popular backdrops for wedding photographs!

Choosing a Wedding Photographer

One of the most important decisions you will make is choosing a wedding photographer. We have great relationships with professional wedding photographers. If you have a photographer in mind, by all means, hire a photographer whose work you love and admire. However, working with a photographer that already knows our venue will ensure that they know how to set up the perfect show, which angles to use, what time of day, and what locations work best.

While our venue has a lot of personalities, this is your day, and we encourage you to decorate and transform our venue to suit your vision for your wedding day. We are happy to recommend vendors, but you are in complete creative control.

Find a photogenic wedding venue that can’t be replicated, like Rembrandt Yard, for amazing photos and an unforgettable wedding day.