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We all love the challenge of making something or doing something ourselves. Especially when it is finished and you have that amazing sense of accomplishment.

I mean, what DID people do before Pinterest?!?

When you are planning your wedding, there are tons of things you can DIY, but be careful.  You don’t want to think you are saving the big bucks, and look back later and wish you didn’t add all of that extra stress to yourself or wish that you had someone there to help that does this for a living.

While you can hit the thousands of Pinterest boards for inspiration on what you can DIY, we have decided to flip the script and share our top 3 things you should leave to the professionals when planning your special day.

1. Photography

When the big day is over and you make it back from that incredible honeymoon, then get smacked in the face by reality, you still have something extra exciting to look forward to.  That my friends is the photographs!  These are going to be with you forever and uploaded as your Facebook profile pic every year for your anniversary.  These are what your kids will see, that will then be passed to their kids, and their kids after that.  When you and your spouse are sitting in rocking chairs years down the road looking at how far you’ve come, you will look at these photographs and remember just how special that day was.  Long story short, don’t go with the cheap or easy route!  Not to say you can’t find what you want at a reasonable cost, but don’t just appoint a random friend to snap some shots here or there unless they know what they’re doing.  Unless they really know what they’re doing!  You want to find a photographer that fits you and your partner’s style preference.  A photographer can make a moment look as incredibly amazing as you remember it… or they can leave you thinking “are all five of my chins that big?!”  Good photographers will also think outside of the box for you, and come up with some amazing backdrops and poses that will make the picture perfect.  With this, not only leave it to the professionals but leave it to the professional you really love.

2. Food/Catering

I do not doubt that your grandmother makes the best chimichangas this side of the Mississippi, but that doesn’t mean they belong in your wedding.  First and foremost, make sure the food you serve all of the people you love most is made in a commercial kitchen.  There are certain food safety standards that my crowded refrigerator and two shelf oven just cannot accommodate.  Please, don’t risk ruining the best day of your life for all of your friends and family by serving them food that has been made in a kitchen not approved by a health inspector.  Secondly, it’s not always best to go with a catering company just because you know someone whose brother’s neighbor’s daughter works for.  You want to be able to go to a catering company that you have been recommended to by people in the industry.  The professionals want you to have a flawless day and an amazing experience, and they are not just going to recommend a professional because they heard their name on the street. Caterers play a huge role in your wedding, and oftentimes set things up for you, prepare the food, serve the food, bartend, make sure things are happening according to schedule, and clean up after. There’s more involved than just the food, folks! They keep on top of current trends and write you up a menu to fit your needs, taking so much weight off of your shoulders. Not to mention, they might make the best bite-sized deconstructed chimichanga you’ve ever tasted! (Sorry grandma)

3. Music

Okay, you might have the most epic playlist of ever. Of. All. Time. Aforhard as it is to hear, that doesn’t matter. Trust us, and leave the music to the professionals. A band or DJ doesn’t just play a list of songs and sit there watching everyone mingle. They bring energy, make special announcements to your guests, and most importantly read the crowd and play more of what they are enjoying. Say you are out boogying and you look around and almost everyone is on the dance floor having the time of their lives. Then the slowest song ever starts, and everyone leaves the dance floor. Just as the best man was about to do the sprinkler! Sure you need a good mix of music, but you need someone there to judge when is the right time to play your favorite songs. Not to mention, someone is bound to have one too many drinks and start helping themselves to changing things up. They might even (gasp) stray from the epic playlist! Let your favorite band or DJ handle all of it so you and your guests can enjoy your reception to the fullest!

All in all, your special day is for you and the love of your life. Splurge on the things that are really important to you, and don’t stress about the rest! Happy planning love birds!