What are the top 3 wedding venues in the world? How do we make a better product than they do?


All salaried employees will be given a work laptop and set up with a work email. You will be expected to handle all Rembrandt property with care and respect.



Please submit all bills via the Bills Tab in Airtable. Hold your phone vertically while taking a photo of the bill and add it to Airtable directly. Please make sure to fill out all information. If the vendor isn’t already a company in our database, please add them.



Airtable is an easy-to-use online platform for creating and sharing relational databases. It is a transformative tool to organize and create data for all aspects of the business. Rembrandt uses Airtable daily to create reports, organize and schedule events, create contracts, and much more.


Honeybook is a customer-relationship-management tool that Rembrandt is transitioning out of. We are currently exporting all data and systems into Airtable. This will allow us to have all information in a centralized database. Honeybook is currently used for
  • Communicating with all clients and vendors
  • Drawing up event contracts for clients
  • Manage projects
  • Send invoices and handle payments



  1. Inquiry: Inquiries are submitted through our website and go directly into the Events Tab in Airtable under Sales. As we begin to consolidate inquiry methods, some inquiries are still coming through: The Knot, Wedding Wire, Here Comes the Guide, Eventechtique, and Zola. Our goal is moving all inquiry methods solely over to Airtable.
  2. Bidding/Waiting
  3. Tour
  4. Followup
  5. Book!