A Wedding Weekend in Boulder

Suggestions for guests & couples on how to maximize a wedding weekend in Boulder, Colorado

Colorado is one of the most popular wedding destinations in the country, with over 40,000 weddings taking place in the state in 2022 alone (The Wedding Report). It comes as no surprise as the state showcases stunning views coupled with a surprisingly vibrant food scene.

Nestled within its embrace are renowned landmarks like Rembrandt Yard, the University of Colorado, the majestic Flatiron Mountains, and picturesque Chautauqua Park. Boulder isn’t just about its iconic features; it boasts an extensive network of 300 miles of hiking and biking trails (Visit Boulder) and a vibrant downtown hub that seamlessly merges the charm of the mountains with urban convenience. Conveniently located just shy of 30 miles from Denver International Airport, Boulder is truly the perfect destination to say “I Do”.

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The Day Before

Discover the vibrant tapestry of experiences Boulder has to offer, spanning from captivating arts and culture scenes to awe-inspiring encounters with nature and science. With an abundance of activities catering to guests of all ages, the city promises an unforgettable adventure. As you gear up to host your cherished guests, consider recommending any of these delightful ways to spend the day, ensuring your friends and family bask enjoy the magic of Boulder.

While there are so many ways to spend the day, for the shopper, Pearl Street Mall is a haven of local shops and restaurants, all at the base of the foothills. Art Mart features pottery, paintings, and jewelry from far & wide, while The New Local fundraises for Boulder’s vibrant local arts community while offering workshops & events. Into the Wind showcases whimsy & wonder for kids and adults alike, while Bliss is your one stop shop for all things home & accent. No matter where you end up, there is so much shopping to explore!

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For adventure seekers, a mere stone’s throw from the mall lies Boulder Creek. During the summer, indulge in the thrill of tubing, offering a refreshing and enjoyable perspective of Boulder’s scenic vistas. If taking a plunge into the cold waters isn’t your cup of tea, fear not! Downtown is dotted with Boulder B-Cycle rental stations, while the Boulder Creek Path presents a picturesque route to explore some of the city’s finest offerings. For those yearning for elevated experiences, venture just a few miles beyond downtown to Chautauqua Park, boasting 40 miles of trails and unrivaled panoramic views that stand among the finest in the state.

If traveling is all the adventure that you need, and you’re looking to spend some time enjoying a little rest and relaxation, try a relaxing facial from the incredible team at Ember Salon or a massage from the professionals at Dragon Tree Spa. If you’re looking for a different way to unwind, Yoga Pearl offers a variety of classes designed to help you find your best self. Finally, a stop at Rebecca’s Apothecary to indulge in custom eco-friendly beauty products is the perfect finish to the day.

The Welcome Party & Rehearsal Dinner

With a hopping craft beer scene, a brewery is a natural pick to host a welcome party or rehearsal dinner in Boulder. Avery Brewing has been a staple to the Boulder community since it’s inception in 1993. Starting as a home-brewery, then steadily growing and producing award-winning brews, after 20 years Avery was able to build a tap room & brewery designed as a place to gather & host events. With a menu that is locally sourced and seasonally designed, your sure to have a memorable welcome party in this custom space.

If something upscale yet intimate aligns more with your vision, The Kitchen is the perfect place that mixes an unparalleled experience with globally-inspired dining and drinks. Founded in 2004, the space is stylish, yet casual and designed to encourage mingling among friends and family. The innovative menu, cozy space, and excellent staff make for a perfect rehearsal dinner spot.

A brewery or intimate evening might not be for everyone, but mountain views are: Enter Corrida, a Spanish-style tapas restaurant & steakhouse. The food is exceptional, as are the staff, but what sets Corrida apart from most other spots downtown, is the unobstructed Flatiron views off their terrace. With versatile spaces and mouthwatering menus, Corrida is the perfect place for a meet & greet the day before the big “I Do”.

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Wedding Day

Being able to relax and spend time with your wedding party before celebrating love with friends & family is a huge component of an enjoyable wedding day. Our Champagne Suite & Whiskey Lounge, as well as our generous rental time of 13 hours, allows for getting ready to happen in the same place you’ll dance the night away. With one central location, Rembrandt Yard takes the stress out of managing different locations and schedules.

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With options to have your ceremony on-site or the support to plan it in four different stunning outdoor locations, Rembrandt Yard truly offers the flexibility to create your dream day. Our light-filled space creates the feeling of being outside, without the worry about weather interfering with your big day. Should evergreen trees or mountain peaks be a must-have on your wedding day, our team will help you plan an outdoor ceremony or photo op, just moments away, followed by a romantic and lively reception with those you hold near and dear. With a downtown location and extended rental hours, noise restrictions don’t hold you back and the dance party can extend until 12 AM. Nightlife & hotels are mere steps away, so you walk back to the hotel without worrying about long shuttle rides or expensive taxis or keep the night going at the after party. Rembrandt Yard’s sister company, Rosetta Hall, offers a complimentary reserved mezzanine lounge that overlooks it’s bustling dance floor, providing the perfect spot to unwind and relish the evening’s festivities.

Rembrandt Yard is truly the perfect venue, marrying city convenience with nature’s views. There is no better place in Boulder to share your love story with those around you.

The Morning After

While some choose to be whisked away immediately for honeymoon bliss, some like the option to spend more time with those who travelled to celebrate them, no matter how near or far. A morning after brunch is a perfect way to end a wedding weekend in Boulder. River & Woods offers Colorado comfort cuisine and has both a cozy interior dining room as well as a spacious backyard for dining. The Roadhouse Boulder Depot is a spot off the beaten path with American fare set in a historic train depot that offers effortless charm. For a more laidback gathering place, The Rayback Collective is the ideal spot; a food truck park featuring games and impressive tap & beverage list, it’s hard to go wrong gathering around a fire pit or in the spacious industrial interior at a community table to say your final goodbyes.

No matter what drew you to Boulder, or how your guests wish to spend the weekend, there is something for everyone in the city! From hiking and biking to relaxing and rejuvenating, we cannot wait to hear how you and yours will be celebrating the love story you’ve created.