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Nestled in downtown Boulder, Rembrandt Yard is more than just an art gallery—it’s a testament to innovation and creativity.
Founded by local visionary Doug Greene, our space boasts over 6,000 square feet of inspiration. Our art exhibit now showcases an all-female artist Aboriginal art collection, reflecting Doug and his wife Tiffany’s local Australian connections.

The name, Rembrandt Yard, originates from Doug and Tiffany’s part-time dwelling in Amsterdam, just steps away from Rembrandt’s historic residence.

Since opening our doors to the public in 2004, Rembrandt Yard has evolved into a cherished destination for both art enthusiasts and event hosts alike. The three-story building accommodates a collaborative workspace, a dedicated gallery level, and a versatile reception area. Rembrandt Yard distinguishes itself with its abundant natural light, birch flooring, rich mahogany beams, a captivating central atrium, a graceful water feature, and an array of sophisticated touches, Rembrandt Yard stands as an unparalleled venue.

From supporting local non-profits to celebrating love stories, Rembrandt Yard has been the backdrop for countless memorable events for 20 years. Whether you’re planning a corporate gathering, a wedding reception, or a community fundraiser, Rembrandt Yard offers the perfect blend of elegance and charm. Let us help you bring your vision to life and create memories that will last a lifetime.

At Rembrandt Yard, we’re thrilled to partner with Rosetta Hall, Boulder’s vibrant community hub and food hall. 

With Rosetta Hall’s coffee stall, Gracia, we’re delighted to offer coffee catering services, providing the perfect blend of caffeine and creativity for your event. Plus, enjoy the convenience of late-night mezzanine reservations, allowing you to elevate your experience and make lasting memories in the heart of downtown Boulder.

Join us at Rembrandt Yard and Rosetta Hall, where art, food, and community come together to celebrate the essence of Boulder living


Alex Medvick Photography
Lianne VanWagner
Venue Director

Originally from Buffalo, NY, Lianne found her way to the breathtaking landscapes of Colorado to complete her studies in business and psychology. Raised amidst the vibrant energy of a family-owned restaurant, she developed a deep-rooted passion for exceptional hospitality and cuisine.

Lianne brings unparalleled warmth to her role and loves creating unique, memorable events for Rembrandt clients. 

When she’s not booking and planning events, you’ll find Lianne indulging in a spicy margarita, exploring the great outdoors on a run or ski adventure, hosting a dinner party, or cherishing moments with her beloved rescue pup, Tallulah.

Alex Medvick Photography
Morgan Lifner
Director of Events

Morgan is a Colorado native who loves exploring the many corners of this beautiful state and all it has to offer.

With 14 years of hospitality expertise under her belt, she brings a wealth of knowledge and a genuine love for creating exceptional experiences to her role at Rembrandt Yard.

Beyond her dedication to event planning, Morgan holds a special place in her heart for all things cheese—a true connoisseur in her own right. When she’s not busy helping clients bring their visions to life, you’ll often find her immersed in the pages of a captivating book, indulging in her favorite crafting projects, or spending time with her pup, Tigger. 

Photos by
Alive Studios
& Alex Medvick Photography