Boulder’s Best Rooftops

In partnership with Kaitlin Shea Weddings & Alex Medvick, the Rembrandt Yard team took to the streets of Boulder to find the best views and food for your rehearsal dinner, welcome party, or after brunch needs!

When it comes to views, Boulder is anything but lacking! Couples who choose Boulder for their weddings & elopements often do so BECAUSE of the views, so why not showcase them as much as possible?! Welcome to the world of Boulder rooftops – perfect for ANY pre-wedding celebration! Rehearsal dinner? Rooftop! Day after brunch? Rooftop! Bridal shower? Rooftop baby! 😉 

We teamed up with Kaitlin Shea Weddings & Events (coordinator) and Alex Medvick (photographer) to showcase some of our favorite Boulder rooftops in the hopes that we inspire some of our current & future couples to have even more fun when planning! We visited some of our favorites, starting with Avanti! 

Of course – the drinks were flowing, but so was the pepperoni! From cheesy delicious pizza to healthy & hearty hummus, the snacks at Avanti are everything! There’s something for everyone at this spot, and we love the cozy corners that make it feel private, even without a reservation! 

Up next, we HAD to check out Rosetta Hall! Their cabana style seating transports you to a more tropical setting, and the views of Pearl Street offer more than enough entertainment! We were obsessed with the vibrant bites (have you ever seen a more purple spread?) and the cocktails to match! The rooftop itself is killer, but the fun doesn’t stop there! The food hall is beyond cool, and gives guests the freedom to choose for themselves! 

Finally, we would be kicking ourselves if we hadn’t stopped by Corrida! The expansive rooftop here is perfect for larger groups, or multi part events (like rehearsal dinners that open up to become welcome parties)! Once again, we were beyond satisfied by the menu, and we’ll probably be dreaming of the bread for about another 6 months. 

See more of what each venue has to offer below, and reach out for more tips, tricks, and party locations! <3 Happy planning! 


Rosetta Hall