Day of Coordinator – Most Valuable Player

October 1, 2022 – Photo: Baylee Shae Photo

Every event is a giant puzzle of vendors, timelines and details that need a professional coordinator to ensure that everything goes smoothly. If no one is hired to coordinate than many details either never come together or stressfully fall on the bride. Not hiring a day of coordinator is the single easiest way to ruin your wedding.

All weddings need a Day of Coordinator or a Wedding Planner. The most important thing is that you enjoy your wedding, your time with your family and all the money you’ve spent.

A few months ago a Bride decided to save money by not hiring a Day of Coordinator. A lot of details got missed including having someone ready to open the doors for the processional. There was no queue and no one to open the doors. The Bride had to ungracefully open the heavy door on her own, which led to her coming out at the wrong time. It was embarrassing and sloppy. It wasn’t anyones job so it wasn’t going to happen.

Another wedding didn’t have anyone assigned to setup decor. The Bride and the entire bridal party had to quickly rush through hair & makeup, which she spent $2500 on, so they could have time to setup all the decorations themselves. In the end the Bride wasn’t happy with the decorations or her final hair & makeup. The unexpected manual labor caused this group of friends to be abrupt and abrasive with each other for the rest of the day.

When a Day of Coordinator is hired things go much more smoothly. Rembrandt Yard recently coordinated an event, and our team arrived well before the bride. We checked over all the decor, rental inventory and held setup meetings with the caterer, DJ, bartenders, florist & baker. The wedding went smoothly, and the bride and groom were able really enjoy their moment with all their favorite people.

Rembrandt Yard requires every wedding to hire a professional Day of Coordinator or Wedding Planner. This person cannot be a family member, wedding guest, or member of the wedding party. We want you to have the event of your dreams. We offer this as an in house service at a flat rate of $2000. This fee includes a 90 day kick off meeting where we come up with an initial timeline and floorpan for your wedding. We then coordinate all vendor communication, orchestrate the ceremony rehearsal and provide you with a professional 2 person team on the day of the event to make sure everything goes exactly as you wish.