Taking Care of the Little Details

What goes into planning one of the biggest events you'll host.

Recently, in speaking to a couple that has booked with us for next season, I inquired as to what took them most by surprise in the wedding planning process. After giving it some thought, I was met with the answer “that we are responsible for everyone attending the wedding!” With so many other items to consider and variables being accounted for the actual day of the event, it made sense that the surrounding dates and details seemed far removed from what went into the planning process.

Couples are often faced with the list of things to check off for the wedding day from attire to decor to catering, but details outside of the day may fall to the wayside. So what exactly was this couple referring to and how does one plan for it?

In planning your wedding, it’s easy to let just the wedding day be your focus, but realistically, most couples have an entire wedding weekend that they have to plan and execute, as well as communicate to their guests. Wedding websites are an increasingly popular option to organize all information for the weekend, and many couples opt to include all the information necessary in the invitation.

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Details that might not be at the forefront of a couples’ mind that they may be responsible for, but guests are counting on, can include room block details, transportation options, and a wedding day itinerary. Other helpful inclusions can be suggestions on activities in the area, a wedding day dress code, and other wedding weekend activities.

Communicating with guests before and throughout the RSVP process can help you plan for what guests needs may be and how you can help. Using a checklist or enlisting the help of a planner are great tools to ensuring no small detail is overlooked. Additionally, ask for referrals for companies that do some of the heavy lifting for you, such as coordinating room blocks and shuttle services.

At the end of the day, you want to relax and enjoy your celebration, while creating special memories for your loved ones as well. Checking off the small details and ensuring your guests feel communicated with and taken care will ensure a fun, stress-free experience for everyone.